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We're on a mission to help developers revolutionize their real estate marketing. 

When you join the Fineline team, you're signing up to change how people think about real estate.

Many developers leave real estate marketing to the end of construction, either because they don't understand its importance or they don't have a platform for predicable success. But when marketing isn't given its due in the development timeline,  developers risk the performance of their real estate. 

Our Property Launch Platform contains the real estate brand marketing and creative sales tools that make renting apartments easy. When people use a focused marketing platform to launch their apartments, their property's value in the marketplace skyrockets.

Fineline Perspectives exists because we believe that marketing multifamily real estate not about shiny new logos, cliché taglines, flashy websites, and cheap renderings; It’s about clearly communicating value, using data become sharper, and equipping leasing agents to outperform the market.

We’re looking to grow our team with people who believe in that mission and want to be a part of it.

Habits we strive to keep

  • We hold each other accountable for our commitments and behaviours to create better products and improve our skills.
  • We have weekly meetings to stay in touch and ensure important projects are moving forward.
  • We are not afraid of HEALTHY conflict and engage in productive spirited discussion about ideas.

Current Openings

We are not currently recruiting for any positions, but if you are interested in pursuing a career with Fineline Perspectives please send your resume to