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Make Engaging Marketing Communications Part of Your Property Launch Platform


Generate market awareness



Gather qualified leads



Delight customers with real value


What if you could engage qualified leads before your apartments are available?

Without marketing campaigns that give genuine value to prospects early in your development timeline... 

  • Customers won’t understand a property's value

  • Too much emphasis on hard sales tactics might drive leads away

  • Precious time will be spent with unqualified leads

  • Qualified leads won't be included in your sales pipeline

A Property Launch Platform provides a marketing communications strategy and website that delivers qualified leads to your sales team in sync with availability.

Websites launched with a Property Launch Platform

545 Rideau website
Switzer on Main website
Haven Towers website

What's in a Property Launch Platform marketing communications toolkit? 

  • Real Estate Website
  • Automated Email Marketing Campaigns including Lead Nurturing and Sales 
  • Digital Advertising
  • Lead Generating Content
  • Social Media Management
  • Dashboard Reports & Analytics 

Working with us is simple. All you have to do is...


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We'll work with you to create your own custom Property Launch Platform and implementation plan


And then, we’ll help you maximize the performance of your real estate investment!

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Also available as part of a Property Launch Platform

Creative brand brochure

Clear communication is critical to attracting the right kind of customers and investors. Property Launch will help you define your corporate or property brand and establish a creative strategy that is both compelling and engaging.

Exterior architectural rendering

Illustrate your brand story with captivating architectural visuals, including digital renderings, virtual tours, and video animation. Win over key stakeholders and capture market demand before your apartments are available.

Virtual leasing centre on a tablet

Make your customers believe in your product. Whether your apartments are constructed yet or not, a Property Launch platform can put your entire portfolio at your fingertips so you can tour customers at any time and anywhere.