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Why choose a virtual leasing platform?

Why should I commit my leasing team to touring customers virtually instead of building model suites and presentation centres? Why move away from the traditional way real estate sales have been carried out for decades, through in person tours and meetings? Your customers need to be able to see their future and imagine their lives unfolding in their new home. Stepping through the front door and taking that in person tour has long been a defining moment in the customer real estate journey, the moment when a house has potential to become a home.

Online real estate has traditionally been a supporting actor to meeting customers and leasing/selling in person. However, with the right tools your online real estate presence can take centre stage, allowing you to reach more people, showcase your properties in the best light, and ultimately move more real estate. After all, why limit your leasing team to a physical location and in-person meetings? Why waste precious time and resources waiting to tour customers through units?

What are rendered virtual tours?

All of our rendered virtual tours are extremely realistic and are indistinguishable from a high quality photograph or video representation of your real estate.

How are they different from photographed virtual tours?

Digitally rendered virtual tours are more than just a visual aid, they are an interactive online real estate experience! Instead of waiting for construction to be complete so your real estate can be photographed, you can tour customers through realistic digital tours of what your units will look like once completed. No need to schedule tours through occupied units, build presentation centres during construction, or furnish and maintain model suites.

Fineline’s digital tours also include superpowered features that create a more interactive experience than a standard photograph or video tours. Dollhouse plan views are included that let you and your prospective tenants see the big picture and browse various spacious during a tour, and virtual tour walkthroughs let you experience the space as if you were there!

Sell anywhere, anytime

Using virtual tours on your website means that as soon as a prospective tenant calls, you can start touring them over the phone right away! No more coordinating schedules and worrying about being first in line. Show your customer the exact unit they want and close the deal.

Manage multiple properties from your laptop without waiting for construction to be completed, presentation centres to be built, or in-person tours to be scheduled. Not to mention the time to stage model suites, update furniture, and complete necessary touch-ups. You’ll never have to move furniture again! Show every unit as a fully decked out model suite that you can be proud of.

Turn multiple meetings into one

Don’t spend precious time sitting in multiple boardrooms. Instead of coordinating with builders, landscapers, interior designers, and photographers, put the focus back on filling your buildings. Fineline’s digital artists are prequalified architectural photographers and technologists, able to realistically capture and create architectural, landscaping, and design touches.

Once you have the basics down, you’re ready to start meeting customers online! If you want to go further in integrating virtual tours into your sales process, we recommend using a Property Launch Virtual Leasing Centre. A Virtual Leasing Centre can be used almost anywhere, from an iPad in a coffee shop to a screen in a presentation centre, and guides your customers through a realistic and immersive real estate experience so they can visualize your product.

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